SEO engineering is all about a website's ranking, search engines and traffic.

Let's dig into that a bit more ...

When someone is looking for something, if they want to gather some information or buy a product they start "searching" on the internet. They start from the websites on top of the search results and go down until they find what they've been looking for. Now, if your website has a good ranking it means that search engines show it more to online users. It results in more exposure, clicks, website traffic and revenue. If you can't reach the top pages chances are your website won't be seen by anyone and that's a big problem that needs to be fixed specially for the new websites.

Search engines can drive traffic and users to your website. The more people they visit your website the more products and services you sell. You can also earn money by putting ads on your website.

Long story short: SEO makes you money!

Your competitors know that as well. Websites that are already on page one are constantly trying to secure their position. On the other hand, it's been proven to google that they are useful website for a certain keyword. So why would search engines like google display your links instead of theirs? That's why Reaching the top page on a very commonly searched keyword is not an easy job. If you want to beat them and rank high in google search results you need to have a perfectly optimized website.

Optimization start within the codes. With the right tools, research and data extracted from statistics we can help you increase your ranking. Next step is to provide content. This step may look simple at first but if it was everyone would rank high in search results! Content creating for search engines has its own rules and secrets. The other steps are: creating sitemaps, crawler robots, generating backlinks, social media and …

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