Hermes Language Institute

  • Establishing a connection between the institution, students and professors
  • User friendly appearance
  • Correct classification of information
  • High speed loading
  • Use of the most recent web technologies
  • Hermes Language Institute

Educational Institute website

The design of the website's template is based on the institute's colors.
Their logo is made from blue and green elements and the color they used to decorate their physical space is orange.
According to brand identity studies, the website's graphic should be in harmony with all other elements of the brand.
Therefore, we tried to create a balance between the colors in the website's design and how frequent those colors were used to form the brand's identity.

Hermes Language Institute

Displaying important data on Hermes institute's website should be in harmony with the beautiful appearance. All the information needs to be visible and easily accessed by users.
Each section was designed and developed individually according to priority.
Some of the main features of this website are:

  • Search engine optimized design and development
  • User friendly interface in order to increase the time each user spends on website
  • Ability to edit and change all different part od the website
  • Ability to create various user profiles and grant access to different sections to selected users
  • News section
  • Use of scroll animation effects
  • ...