Hi Titwo Fastfood Restaurant

  • customized website graphic
  • Display of restaurant's menu on homepage
  • Ajax shopping cart
  • High speed loading using "lazy load"
  • Use of colors of Titwo franchise restaurants
  • Hi Titwo Fastfood Restaurant

Fast food Restaurant Website

This website has a customized design. The goal of the client was for their customers to be able to order food online. Displaying restaurant's menu had a high priority because of this. The menu items are displayed separately in detail on homepage.

Other features of this website are :

  • Online menu
  • Online and offline purchase
  • One step purchase procedure
  • Search engine optimized
  • Completing order with minumum clicks
Hi Titwo Fastfood Restaurant

The purpose of a website for restaurants and fastfood franchise is to establish a connection with their customers, introduction of their restaurant and location, easy access to menu and simple online order procedure.
We made it as quick as possible for the users to order and complete purchase online without getting them confused.
Use of "Ajax" cart has made the procedure very simple and it can be done with the minimum number of clicks. The user receives all the necessary information in one page without any extra annoying steps.
A message is sent to the manager and the party responsible for online orders after an order is submitted. It makes it faster to track each request.
In the meantime, customers can track each step.