Iranindustry Expo Exhibition

  • bilingual website
  • Translations are displayed on mouse hover
  • Designed specifically for the target audience
  • Collecting and displaying 13,674 manufacturers
  • Collecting and displaying 167,826 products
  • Use of cache system to speed up loading
  • Search engine optimized
  • Iranindustry Expo Exhibition

Industrial company/ Exhibition website

Iran industry is the largest and most extensive exhibition website which is currently active in this field.
Correct application of colors and displaying data with the appropriate fonts and size has created a nice user friendly interface. Search section is one of the most practical part of the website. Therefore, it is located on top of the pages for better access.
We tried to divide home page into separate sections in order to be able to display and categorize all that massive data.

Iranindustry Expo Exhibition

Search engine is one of the most essential parts of this website. Users can filter the results by product, manufacturer, catalog, news and videos.
Other features of this website are:

  • Displaying unlimited items in divided categories
  • Displaying 13,674 manufacturers separately
  • Displaying 167,826 categorized products
  • Displaying 15,435 news and articles
  • Displaying 124,912 catalogs about different products and manufacturers
  • 55,068 videos for industrial companies and products
  • High speed loading