Zino Store

  • Customized design and graphics based on the options of an e-commerce website
  • Advanced layered slide show
  • Use of interesting animations and effects
  • Use of web "Parallax" technology
  • SEO friendly website
  • Blog section for storing content
  • Zino Store

Shopping/ e-commerce website

This website has both the features of an e-commerce/ shopping website and a blog. The two options are accessible through the home page.
Categorizing products and assigning different filters to each of them is another feature of Zino Store's website.
The user can select different filters for each product using "Ajax" system.
Other features of Zino Store include:

  • Adding items to wishlist
  • Display of ads based on the product's category
  • Categorizing unlimited number of products
  • Displaying multiple images of the same product
  • Advance zooming
  • Filtering the product data such as storage guidlines, product details and qualities
  • Setting discount per product
  • SMS systems : Sending text messages after purchase or submission
  • Online and offline purchasing
  • & ...
Zino Store

This e-commerce website was developed in a way that each customer can submit and order or purchase with the minimum number of clicks. The ability to assign different filters to products has made the procedure more percise and easy.
The other important point about the filtering system is that the owner of the website can edit them dynamically without the help of web programmers.
Users can complete their order with the minimum number of clicks in the "cart" section as well. They can submit an order multiple times in a row without the need to enter their information repeatedly. The purchase data and history is also accessible through the user's profile.
The top two qualities that Zino store was looking for the most are : easy access to all data and simple purchase procedure